Est. 1979


383 Hoe Street


London E17 9AP

Tel: 02085200340

Open: Tues-Sat from 9am to 5.30pm

Web: www.pictoremgallery.com

Email: pictoremgallery@aol.com


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Pictorem Gallery and Picture Framers

 Has upheld a professional and high standard business in framing.

With our friendly and expert services we have created a large client base throughout London.

Services we provide:



  • Bespoke Framing

  • Standard Mounting, Conservation Mounting available 

  • 3D Images/ Box framing

  • Clip Frames made to size

  • Canvas stretching

  • Needlework/Embroidery Framing

  • Football Shirts

  • Mirrors Framed

  • Swept Frames


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August Show

Luke Skirenko "Ask the Autopilot"

Wed 1st Aug – Fri 31st


PV Wed 8th 6.30pm to 8.30pm


I'm making images that, at a glance might be considered surreal, but are in fact a realism firmly rooted in my reflections on what seems to me, so far, to be an extraordinary world and a bonkers life, a life in which we're hapless passengers driven by an underlying biology whose objectives tend to be at odds with the romanticized interpretations we seem to be psychologically dependent on.

I'm also making images that, beyond their outward appearance of realism (scenes of natural and urban environments), are aiming to convey something of the order of metaphysical subjectivity or 'Being'; you know, the big stuff.



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